Friday, January 27, 2012

The Roast (The Mr.)

We are coffee connoisseurs (or as some would put it ‘snobs’).  We often roast our own coffee.  Although we do not have the best equipment and this may not be the best coffee, we still love it and have so much fun doing it.  Coffee, the kind we like (SNOBS…I know), is expensive, so this is always a good alternative.


Green beans (we get ours from HERE)
Popcorn popper (Stir style…ours is HERE)
Small swivel fan
Wooden Spoon

Directions: Measure out four ounces of green coffee beans.  Heat up empty popcorn popper on the stove until it reaches 400 degrees and pour in green beans.  Stir constantly, until you hear the first crack.  This takes about 8 minutes.  (I request using a timer).  Once the first crack is over, take off heat and Pour in colander.  Now this next part is messy, so make sure to do it outside.  Place the colander on top of fan, or point fan towards colander and stir with wooden spoon.  All the stuff that has cracked in the pot will fly away, until it is just the beans.  Make sure that you get all of that extra stuff out.  We then store our coffee in Mason jars with the top labeled with roast type and date.  Leave the top off for an hour or so, so that they can cool down.  We recommend waiting about 7 days to let the flavor develop a little.  There ya go!

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