Friday, January 20, 2012

I Don’t Play!

Almost every year (or a few times a year) I go CRAZY over my whole closet.  I feel bored and drab and just need a whole make over!  Well, it’s that time of year again.  Last night, on a total whim, I went through and put about 20 pieces of clothes in a bag to send to the Goodwill.  No regrets, no second guessing, it is GONE!!  I don’t play. 
Yet again, I find myself with the mindset of NO more spur of the moment buys from Forever 21 or Old Navy clearance.  I declare, from now on, NO MORE OF IT!!  I am going to carefully examine each piece I buy before buying.  More J.Crew, and less “so so” purchases.  So “Bye, bye” for now, until I find myself back in the downward cycle again!
Here are some pieces I am looking into to beat these blues!

J.Crew $350

Ruche $36.99

Asos $57.30

Anthopologie $29.95 (down from $78)

Does anyone else have this issue?
Note:  Nothing is wrong with Forever 21.  The truth is, I love it.  I just need to learn to scale back on cheaper purchases and focus more on things that will last.  ‘Nough said.

Much Love,


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