Monday, January 9, 2012

Love List : Random Edition

My new camera

My Husband in his beard hat

Kate Spade “Bow Studs”

This Collar from Asos

Loafers…extra points for leopard print or sparkles

Why hello there. I hope you all had marvelous weekends! I spent mine, mainly, with an ice pack in hand and loaded up on some Vikodin. Regardless, I actually felt somewhat productive. (I cannot wait to show you some DIYs later this week). Vikodin does some crazy things to me. I have been saying random stuff to Ryan in my sleep like, “yeah, sure” when he has not said anything to begin with.  Along with other incoherent phrases he has yet to translate.  Hence, why I felt a Random Edition of the Love List was befitting.  

Much Love,

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