Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Favorites

Can you believe we are entering the third month of the year!?!?!?  It is so weird to think about.  It was only 2 months ago I set those lofty New Years Resolutions!  So I guess today is a time for some updates.
Here are some highlights from this month:
I still have not learned how to sew!! I am getting so very discouraged.  I finally pulled out that little devil at the beginning of the month and quickly learned I do not even know how to set it up.  So after several short lived attempts to set it up I am still no good!  My mom even came and showed me, and I swear I am doing the same thing she did but not getting anywhere!! She must have magic hands...that is the only logic I can decide on...magic! maybe for this month, I will learn to set it up FINALLY and sew some straight lines.  Is this lofty?  I mean, I have a whole 2 more days this month so I guess that's working in my favor.  Not sure if the curtain project will be accomplished, but I think I have some other things that will be keeping me busy.

Here are some goals for March:
Set up sewing machine
Sew at least one gosh darn line
Island in Kitchen (yes this is another goal from January...but I finally have a clear vision on what I want to do!)
Vanity make-over (Yet again, a January goal, but I have a better vision on this as well)
Figure out a crafty way to organize the sub-par fridge we have in our apartment
Continue thrifting to find wall art and cool decorating accessories (found an AWESOME brass lantern this weekend for $6!!)
Add more color into my wardrobe and home (I'm talking pastels and neons)

Here are some things I love this month:

Love this restored dresser from the Little Green Notebook.
A skirt made of suspenders!! Does it get much better?
About time for a new welcome mat. Great DIY by Sincerely Kinsey.
Loved everything about Kate Spade at NYFW.
Yum…my next experiment.
Everything chevron.
Headband DIY at Holly Dolly.
These fun homemade butters.  How can you not like butter?
When I learn to sew? One day…

Much Love,


  1. Are those zucchini fries? They look amazing! Can't wait to see you try them out. Those are some great goals, sewing seems hard so I wish you lots of luck!


  2. ah... I like the photo frame idea. Hope you reach your goals soon! Don't give up, sewing is like cycling, you just have to keep trying and experimenting. I am not properly trained haha.. and not good.. just good enough to sew things for myself. You will like sewing, it's fun!


  3. such a cute post :) the zucchini fries look delish!!! and good luck with the sewing :) also thanks :)

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  4. Even if your haven't met all your goals it looks like you have had a great month! =)

  5. so glad I stumbled across your blog. totally following and can't wait to read more. if you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out mine. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo

  6. Oh girl, I am right there with you on the sewing machine issue. I got a new one for Christmas and was so pumped to get started on all of my Pinterest projects, only for it to now be March and I have yet to set it up much less sew anything. I face timed with my mom, and it is still hopeless! I can't even manage to get the needle to stay in! grrr
    So yes, me and Mr. Sewing Machine need to have some serious 1 on 1 time this month! Good luck to you too

  7. Im trying to learn how to sew too! I took a class and made a dress but I dont have a machine yet so I have a lot to do to get started ;)