Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Show some Lovin on Bloglovin’

Just wanted to drop a note on how great bloglovin is. 

Bloglovin’ explained:  I keep finding so many people who love blogs and see the bloglovin’ button all the time, but really don’t know what it is.  Let me educate…Bloglovin’ is a tool that collects all the blogs that you love and updates their new posts every time they post. That means that you do not need to jump around from blog to blog everyday, but have a whole compilation in one spot.  How awesome is that!!!

I have been able to find some pretty awesome blogs also through this site.  Plus my favorite feature is the ‘Like’ feature.  How many times do you find something on a blog and want to remember?  Well, the like button compiles all the liked blogs into one place.  I understand there in Pinterest now, which is a great tool as well, but this is even easier.

Here are some blogs that I have currently be lovin’ on:

Erin from Currently Coveting.  I love everything she wears.  Like me she has a business casual dress code at work, and she does a great job showing off her style while still being work appropriate!

Breakfast at the Zemke’s.  This is the cutest blog.  Full of inspiration and personality!

Sparkling Footsteps.  Great bold style, with awesome tutorials too.

Revolutionaries.  Bonnie is actually a friend from college that I recently graduated with.  She has some awesome, affordable DIYs.

Creatively Stylish.  Simple and straight forward photography.  Love the clean over all look.

Dreaming en Francais.  Style and inspiration. Love.

These are just a few to start off a bloglovin’ account!!  

P.S.  That picture has nothing to do with the post, but I came across it today and had to share!

Much Love,


  1. You have a lovely blog! Follow me I'll follow back! <3 Sarah

  2. Aww thanks for mentioning me, Meredith! :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries