Monday, April 4, 2011

What to Wear...Bridal Showers

Last weekend I had 2 bridal showers and I look forward to another one in April. So, in the spirit of bridal showers I put together a few dresses I would like to wear for these occasions. Lately, I have been loving floral patterns and spring color palettes All following selections are from ModCloth:

From top left: Everyday Bouquet Dress ($104.99); Embellished Beauty Dress ($72.99); Secluded Garden Dress ($89.99); Synchronized Styling Dress ($74.99)

Hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day! The weather is so nice here! How is the weather where you are?

- Mere

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  1. These are really amazing bridal dresses and hope this information will help me in finding beautiful dress for my best friend’s wedding dinner party. The party is being arranged at one of beautiful LA event venues and hope to have good time.