Monday, April 18, 2011

What to Wear - Rehearsal Dinner

Hi Friends!! Sorry I have been so absent lately. I am finally finished with my senior paper, got my wisdom teeth out, and have a week off of school before I go into finals!! I feel like everything is beginning to wind down. All I have left now is finals, a few term papers, graduation, and wedding stuff. One of the wedding events happens to be the rehearsal dinner, and I have been looking for the perfect dress for quite a while now. Here are some that I found from LuLu's:

From Top Left: Pastoral Reverie Red Print Dress ($61); Ravishing Rhododendrom Pink Dress ($56); Lila Lace One Shoulder Pink Dress ($42); Boysenberry Popsicle One Shoulder Purple Dress ($46)

Hmm...I'm thinkin' Pink!!

How were your weekends?  I had my wisdom teeth taken out...YAY!!!

Much Love,


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