Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Friend of the Month

Good Morning Friends!! So it is time for Friend of the Month. This month it i more like friend(s) though. As you know I am getting married in May (only a month away!!!) so I thought I would honor my maids of honor.  I actually have two for my wedding because I could not pick between two people that mean so VERY much to me. So without further ado...introducing my first 2 Friends of the Month...Taylor and Steffanie!!

Taylor Bowers

Pet name: Tay
Nickname: Taylordactyl
Intrests: Dancing and Dinosaurs (not a joke...she really likes dinosaurs)
How we met: I met 6 years ago at church. I was a junior in high school, and she was a freshman. My friend, Jessica, told me to go sit with her so I did. And I am so happy I did because now we are best of friends and roommates!!
What we do: You can often find Tay and me laughing at stuff that no one else finds funny, and taking embarassing pictures of ourselves.

Ethiopia 2011

Snow Day 2010

Hide and Seek 2010

Steffanie Yackel

Pet Name: Steff
Interests: Jewelry and Shopping
What I most like about Steff: She is always up to do anything.
How we met: Although I do not quite remember our first meeting (it was a long time ago) Steff and I first started hanging out during my freshman year of college.
What we do: You can often find Steff and I shopping or laying out by the pool in the summer.

Spring Formal Event 2008

Hoe Down 2009

Fado 2010

Hope you all have a wonderful day! I am off for Easter Break so I will be packing up my room, working on some term papers, and doing some final wedding plans. What are you up to?

Much Love,

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  1. aww so honored to have made 'friends of the month' haha! looking forward to some pool days this summer and visiting you and ryan for some beach adventures! love you!
    - steff