Friday, March 16, 2012

The Obsession

And the obsession grows...
This was taken in August and I believe our coffee inventory has doubled since. 

Plus we have a new edition to the household. Our very own espresso machine!!! After months and months of saving and deciding which espresso machine would be best, we took the plunge and bought one.

Introducing the ….
The Izzeo Duetto II will not actually stay at this weird angle for long.  They forgot to send the reservoir tank so we have to use it like this until the tank comes.  Also, this thing weighs 70 lbs!! 
This is the tamper and portafilter holder Ryan's dad made.  Don't they look great!?!?
One happy mister with two successful espresso shots.

I am sure we will be having more coffee posts coming soon.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and a grand St.Patrick's day!!

Much Love,


  1. Ummm....WOW! That is a lot of coffee equipment. Jealous of your espresso maker - so cool :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. That espresso maker looks awesome! Good purchase.

  3. oh my goodness, that looks so professional! and i was simply thinking about getting a $50 coffee pot so that I will 1) be a better morning person, and 2) stop spending $3 a cup at Starbucks!
    have fun with that thing!

  4. mmm that machine look pro!! can u do it right?? :D

  5. I am obsessed with coffee.. that fancy espresso machine looks heavenly! xo

  6. Your blog is amazing!!!! You are brilliant! Fantastic post! Have a brill day!

  7. That is one serious coffee obsession! I love it!