Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Calzone!

So Friday night was the premiere (at least online) of our favorite show to watch together, Community.  Have any of you seen it?  It was bench mid-season on NBC, but now it is back for another round.  It is hilariously smart, although not well received by the masses (much like Arrested Development) we love it.  

We could not think of a better way to kick off the mid-season premiere than nestled up on the couch with a nice hardy calzone, so that is what we did.  Now we make pizza all the time, but have never attempted a calzone so this was a bit of an experiment.
We took some dough out of the freezer (we make our pizza dough is large quantities and freeze it) let it thaw and stretched it out much like we would do a regular pizza.  (Make sure that you use A LOT of cornstarch while doing this so it does not stick to the counter). Then put all your toppings on one side.  We did hot sausage, banana peppers, blue cheese and mozzarella. From there you want to fold the other side over, and score the edges with a fork.  Then I beat and egg and rubbed part of it on the outside.  We set the over on 400 degrees and let cook for about 25 minutes (keep an eye on it though…we do not have a specific time we just check it ever 5 to 10 minutes). This was so very good, so I know we will be doing more in the future.  Have a splendid day!!

Much Love, 


  1. wow111 it looks really delicious! Invite me to a dinner yummm! hahaha, the picture of the header is so cute :) You look happy!

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  2. Oh wow that looks incredibly yummy! Oh and Community is the best! I am a little bummed that it's return has put Parks and Rec on hiatus but I am still happy to have it back! Cute blog.

    Little Lady Little City

  3. wow that looks better then the ones they sale in pizza joints! Seriously, I'm drooling over here!