Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hello 2013!

I think it's going to be a good year.  The second half of 2012 ended up being so crazy with the move, new roles with work, travel, and buying a house.  I finally feel like things are calming down, and I am looking forward to the new beginning.  We just moved into our house a week ago (after 5 months of waiting) and I am happy to get back into the groove of our old routine.

Here are my goals for 2013:

1. Be more thoughtful
I feel like I am pretty thoughtful when it comes to gift giving, but besides that I often just forget to do certain things or run out of time.  I often think of thoughtful things, but hold off too long.  No more of that!  When I see a present that would be perfect for a friend I am going to go ahead and buy it instead of waiting for their birthday.  Also, more hostess gifts.  Always forget about those!
2. Learn to sew…FINALLY
It didn't happen in 2012, but I have a good feeling about lucky '13.  I am also just a few minutes away from my mom now who can teach me.  
3. Decorate and Furnish a house on a budget
Like I said...we just moved into our first house.  After graduating and only living in a small townhouse, we have a lot of work to do.  Not only do the walls need paint and light fixtures need updating, but we only have furniture for the family room and master bedroom right now.  We have a ways to go.  We are  not in a rush, but there are several more items we need to make this place feel more homey.  I plan on documenting a lot of our decorating on the blog.  Including many DIYs and inspiration boards.
3. Get back into a routine
Since we have lived with my parents for the past 5 months, we have lost our typical routine.  I also started working from home which has thrown me off as well.  It is nice to start over and rethink our old routine, but I am ready to get back into some kind of routine.  I am ready to feel settled and more organized in general.  Some areas I would like to improve on are: my quiet time, exercise, blogging, taking more pictures, and a better eating schedule.
4. Work on making new relationships and building up ones already made
Since we have moved back it has been hard making friends.  I work from home so I have not had a chance to really meet anyone, and at church I teach middle school (which I love), but it has not been the most conducive to making friends my age.  I also did a HORRIBLE job keeping in touch with high school friends so that does not help my friend count.  I am not sure how this goal is going to pan out.  Maybe it will just mean me being more open to different situations.

I am always the optimist so I have a good feeling about this year.  Happy New Year!

Much Love,


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