Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Coffee Talk

Sovereign Over Us

I have been reading through the Pentateuch (Genesis – Deuteronomy) as of late.  I hate when people say the Old Testament is boring.  (I will admit Leviticus, and Numbers were not easy).  If I really look at myself, though, I find that I identify greatly with the Israelites.  That’s scary to write, because they were awful to God and each other, but it’s true.  I find myself reading it, and seeing them turn from God.  All I can think is, ‘PEOPLE!  COME ON!  Do you not see what an awesome God you serve!  Is His power, and presence not perfectly evident!?!’  It’s so evident to us because we see the bigger picture in their story.  We know they eventually make it into the promise land that God had promised.  The waiting is the hardest. Then again, I look back at myself.  I am impatient…extremely impatient.  I know what God has called me to do, and I want to do it, but I am in a waiting period.  For whatever reason, He is wanting me to wait right now.  It’s actually been about a year and a half, which I know does not seem like a long time, but this waiting has been hard at times.   Heartbreaking actually.  Sometimes I even start to doubt His calling, much like the Isrealites who doubted God’s plan as well.  He is using this time to prepare, and refine me for what He has called me to do.  I was listening to Aaron Keyes song ‘Sovereign Over Us’ in a particularly  doubting moment a few nights ago, and was reminded again of God’s unfailing promise.

Your plans are still to prosper
You have not forgotten us
Your with us in the fire and the flood
Faithful forever, perfect in love
You are Sovereign over us (Aaron Keyes)

Much Love,


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